How to Build a Testimonial Pattern

Like most business owners, you work hard to create a website that represents your company well—and that should be a priority.

But what happens when potential customers visit your site? Are they able to learn about your products or services quickly and easily? Or do they need to dig through a lot of text to find the information they’re looking for?

One way to make it easier for visitors to learn about what you have to offer is by using testimonials on your website. The WordPress block editor makes it easy to showcase kind and encouraging words from customers.

How to Build a Testimonial Pattern

The Frost WordPress theme includes several patterns, and none may be more critical than testimonials. These allow you to establish trust, show success and convert prospects into customers.

Testimonials - Frost WordPress Theme

The patterns in Frost have a beautiful design, and you can add them to your website with just one click. Here are the simple instructions:

  1. In the block editor, click + button, click Browse all, go to the Patterns tab, select General, and choose the testimonials option you prefer.
  2. Customize accordingly: Heading, Paragraph, Color.

However, you might want to understand how to build these testimonials with blocks and the WordPress editor. Believe it or not, it’s quite easy:

  1. In the block editor, click + button and insert a group block. In Frost, the alignment on the group block is set to Full width.
  2. Inside the group block, click + button, add a columns block, and set the number of columns. In Frost, the alignment is set to Wide width.
  3. Inside each column, you can write/customize the testimonial with the block settings for the Heading and Paragraph blocks.